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Monday, March 17, 2014

Projects Discontinued

As some of you could probably guess from my lack of updates for half a year, I'm no longer working on the PC Realta Nua project. Not to worry, the reason I'm not doing it anymore is because Jacktheinfinite101 now is. You can grab his newest patch over at the project thread on Beast's Lair.

Also I'm not going to be continuing the conversion patch either. Sorry if anyone still wanted it but it's really not worth the effort when the actual PC version of RN is so much better.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

UBW Patch 2f

New UBW patch. I guess I really did a number on this route, sorry.

UBW Patch 2e

UBW update. I made a few careless mistakes that caused a bunch of loops for EN-US, but they should all be fixed. Also for now please don't report word wrapping problems.

UBW Patch 2d and a note on locale

New UBW patch uploaded. Fixes a bug where UBW day 3 would start looping in EN-US locale.

Speaking of locale, in order for this patch to work in EN-US neither .exe file or the folder it's in can contain non-ascii characters in their names. (Most relevantly, "/") Thanks to MeruP for figuring this out.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

UBW Patch 2c, Fate Patch 9, Fate H Patch 1c

Everything's been updated again.

Text insertion for UBW is finished. There's a chunk of text in a date scene later in UBW that's untranslated. That's not an error, all of that text is actually new.

One big problem with UBW 1 was that the Fate scenes for day 3 were played instead of the UBW scenes. That's been fixed now so you'll probably want to go back through day 3.

Also what I said about locale in the Patch 1 post might not be true. For one commenter it doesn't work outside of Japanese locale, but for another it was apparently fine.

Forgot the epilogues. Will reupload UBW in a bit. Back up.
UBW patch seems to railroad you into a bad end so taken down while I check this out. Back up.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

UBW Patch 1b

Update that fixes the crash at day 3. If you've already downloaded the old one and don't want to redownload the whole thing you can get just the changed file here.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UBW Patch 1, Fate Patch 8, Fate H Patch 1b

New... Everything.

Lots of changes (if you haven't been following the preview builds MeruP posted). First of all, and I'm sorry for this, but these patches are not compatible with old save data. If you're coming from an old version you need to make sure to delete everything in your save data folder. I've uploaded a complete save for the Fate Route for those you who need it which you can grab here. The patches are no longer limited to Japanese locale. It's only been tested on US-EN but it should work for everyone. New font, but the font menu has been disabled. And other changes and fixes. Most of these are thanks to MeruP who has been a HUGE help for this project.

As always any QC help is appreciated.