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Thursday, August 29, 2013

UBW Patch 2f

New UBW patch. I guess I really did a number on this route, sorry.

UBW Patch 2e

UBW update. I made a few careless mistakes that caused a bunch of loops for EN-US, but they should all be fixed. Also for now please don't report word wrapping problems.

UBW Patch 2d and a note on locale

New UBW patch uploaded. Fixes a bug where UBW day 3 would start looping in EN-US locale.

Speaking of locale, in order for this patch to work in EN-US neither .exe file or the folder it's in can contain non-ascii characters in their names. (Most relevantly, "/") Thanks to MeruP for figuring this out.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

UBW Patch 2c, Fate Patch 9, Fate H Patch 1c

Everything's been updated again.

Text insertion for UBW is finished. There's a chunk of text in a date scene later in UBW that's untranslated. That's not an error, all of that text is actually new.

One big problem with UBW 1 was that the Fate scenes for day 3 were played instead of the UBW scenes. That's been fixed now so you'll probably want to go back through day 3.

Also what I said about locale in the Patch 1 post might not be true. For one commenter it doesn't work outside of Japanese locale, but for another it was apparently fine.

Forgot the epilogues. Will reupload UBW in a bit. Back up.
UBW patch seems to railroad you into a bad end so taken down while I check this out. Back up.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

UBW Patch 1b

Update that fixes the crash at day 3. If you've already downloaded the old one and don't want to redownload the whole thing you can get just the changed file here.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UBW Patch 1, Fate Patch 8, Fate H Patch 1b

New... Everything.

Lots of changes (if you haven't been following the preview builds MeruP posted). First of all, and I'm sorry for this, but these patches are not compatible with old save data. If you're coming from an old version you need to make sure to delete everything in your save data folder. I've uploaded a complete save for the Fate Route for those you who need it which you can grab here. The patches are no longer limited to Japanese locale. It's only been tested on US-EN but it should work for everyone. New font, but the font menu has been disabled. And other changes and fixes. Most of these are thanks to MeruP who has been a HUGE help for this project.

As always any QC help is appreciated.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fate Patch 7b

Slight update to last patch with updated word wrapping. If you're using the patch_english4 MeruP uploaded in the last post's comments you can delete it.

In the readme before I recommended changing fonts, but that was misguided of me. If you changed your font please change it back to MS ゴシック.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fate Patch 7 and Fate H Patch

New patches. Unless more errors come up, this will be the last Fate update for a while as I move to working on UBW. If you're already using patch 6 you can download this instead to save some time and bandwidth since the fairly large patch_english3 didn't change at all.

The H-scenes patch is now done. With this the RN patch can now completely replace the original PC version Fate Route, which it pretty neat.
Realta Nua has a new feature that lets CGs be hidden completely unless a condition is met so if you've gone through the H-alternates without this patch the CGs for it will still show up in your gallery. If you haven't, you won't even know they're missing.

There are few new changes with WIP 7.
Lines marked with //del// have been removed from the story and the handful of new lines Kotonoha translated for me a while back have been added. (They're pretty minor though so you probably won't notice them.)
If you're curious about your current patch version it's now displayed in the corner of the Extra menu. Since this isn't an addon to a completed project this probably won't be as useful as it would have been with the Conversion patch,  but there's no harm is being prepared.

I'm pretty sure most errors have been stamped out by now, but as always if you notice any please let me know. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fate Patch 6

New patch. There's no new scenario progress in the one, just error corrections and system text insertion. All system text should now be English. If you see any Japanese in menus or tool tips or I guess anywhere outside of the story please let me know.

Also depending on what fonts you have installed there are a couple more options in the config menu.

You'll notice there are 3 patches now. This is mostly to keep types of files separated for my convenience. Just throw them all in the folder.

Sorry I took so long with this. I've been a bit busy and it turned out to be more work than I thought. Hopefully next week I'll have the patch for reinserting Fate's H-scenes done, but it might take longer.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Need Fate Save Data

I'm in need of Fate route save data. If anyone out there who's finished the Fate route in Realta Nua could pack up their faterealtanua_savedata folder in C:\Users\*user*\Documents\ and upload it or send it to me it would be appreciated. Got it.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fate Patch 5b

Word wrapping in the previous patch was bugged, so here's a new patch with it and everything else mentioned in the last post's comments fixed.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fate Patch 5

New patch. All days have now been inserted. Before working on UBW I'm going to finish inserting the menu stuff and also do the H-scene patch for Fate. I'm not sure how long that will take so there might not be an update next week.

Thanks to MeruP for bringing this to my attention: You need to put this patch in C:\Users\*user*\Documents\faterealtanua_savedata rather than the main directory. Don't rename it and make sure to delete the old one.

Also a clarification on something I mentioned in the last post, any lines (not related to H-alternate stuff) that were deleted in RN have been marked with //del//. This might look weird sometimes since the line breaks before them are also prefixed //del// and I took out the page breaks so they might spill into other pages. Some of them might also seem awkward since some of them are supposed to be replaced by new lines.

As always any QC help is appreciated.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Fate Patch 4

New patch up with through day 13. This week I was able to incorporate some of the line changes through day 11, though they're not exactly major. Thanks to Kotonoha for translating them. As always any QC help is appreciated.

Also starting with day 12 any removed lines have been marked for now instead of removed.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fate Patch 3

New patch up! No UBW this week like I though might happen but maybe next week. I had a good amount of time this week though, so this one goes up through Day 11. I've also inserted the choices and day names. As always any QC help is appreciated.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fate Patch 2

New Fate patch uploaded with up through day 6. Except for one of the bad ends that's technically in UBW and hasn't been added yet. On that note, a friend of mine is going to be starting on inserting text for UBW so I might also be uploading weekly patches for that soon.

As with before, any QC help is appreciated.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Realta Nua PC ver. Patch (Work In Progress)

--This is for the PC version of Realta Nua ONLY--

These patches are not compatible with save data made prior to Fate Patch 8/UBW Patch 1. If you're coming from a earlier version you'll need to delete your old save data (.bmp snapshots and all .ksd and .ksd.bak files). If you want a full save for the Fate route, you can find it here.

Fate Route
Fate WIP Patch 9 - All Days Inserted
  • Download from Solidfiles
Fate H Patch 1c (Inserts H-scenes from original PC version, requires above patch)
  • Download from Solidfiles

UBW Route
UBW WIP Patch 2f - All Days Inserted
  • Download from Solidfiles

NOTE: This is not primarily a translation project and I cannot guarantee anything text-wise beyond what is already in mirror moon's patch.

The purpose of this patch is to insert the existing English translation into the PC version of Realta Nua. At the moment most of the changes in the dialogue and narration are not reflected. This includes the All Ages changes so scenes that replace the H-scenes from the original PC version are left untranslated and references to the H-scenes from the original translation have been carried over. 

The H Patch inserts the H-scenes from the original PC version. Essentially it would be like a MUCH better version of the current RN Conversion patch. With this patch everything is fully translated so there's really no reason to use the original PC version for the Fate route. 

I plan on uploading a patch with my current progress every week. Firstly as a measure of progress, secondly since this is going to be a lot of scripts I'm worried about QC so it would be great if anyone wants to read through them and let me know about any errors. Patches that are currently being worked on will occasionally have lines marked with //del//. These are lines that were removed from Realta Nua and I've chosen to mark them instead of deleting them to avoid having them mistaken as errors.

If you find any problems, please report them here.

A New Direction

So I'm back to working on the patch, but I'm going to be going at it a little differently. I'm going to be working on inserting the existing English translation from the original PC version into the actual PC Realta Nua.

There are two types of scripts in PC RN: The "hollow mode" scripts which are the ones like Nine Bullet Revolver which have hollow ataraxia-like effects that aren't very compatible with original PC, and then the "fate mode" scripts which are the same style as original PC.

The benefit this has for the current patch is that fate mode scripts make up the vast majority and with a few easy tweaks can be inserted right into the original PC version. This way I'll be able to catch a lot more of the changes besides just BGM like new sound effects, new sprites, etc.

Note that this will not be a translation project. None of the changes in the dialogue or narration will be reflected. My hope is that if there is a translation project in the future this could give it a jump start. Though once I'm done inserting the translation I'm planning on also inserting the H-scene stuff from the original PC in to make PC RN readable in the meantime.

Also while I'm working on this I plan on uploading a patch with my current progress every week. Since this is going to be a lot of scripts I'm worried about QC, so it would be great if anyone wants to read through them and let me know about any errors.

OH also, unrelated to this I'd like to point out some patches done by other people that you guys might be interested in.

Realta Nua OP patch by MeruP
This is planned to be included in the next version of the RN conversion patch later, but MeruP would like some feedback on how it works.

Fate Stay Night Improved Uncensor Patch by Himeros and Belldandy100
Much better than the old one.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Progress Report

Well this is the progress update that I said was coming "soon" and then took 3 months. (Keep this in mind when I give time frames) The good news is that I'm done shoving in the RN bgm which was probably the biggest hump towards the next release.

With that said, these next couple months are going to be pretty busy for me so this project will mostly be on hold until Summer.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Blog Post

So it's been a while since my last blog post. Sorry to anyone who has been visiting this blog the last while expecting me to release something. My motivation has been somewhat revitalized though and while the next real version is still a ways off I just wanted to let everyone know it's definitely coming. I'm going to try to give more regular updates on my progress, maybe weekly or something. Expect a blog post about that soon.

For now I've uploaded a new update for 4.2 which fixes a crash in UBW as well as some other bugs I've found elsewhere.