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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Help Wanted, Part 2 - Translating

It would seem the current translation out there for Last Episode is missing a sizable part at the beginning. Anyone out there feel like translating it?

Nevermind. Thanks, wingzero!


  1. I got that Text from Mirror Moon.
    I hope it will help you.

    Fate / Stay Night Realta Nua - Last Episode

    But, we have an eternally unchanging agreement.
    Saying that the past cannot be changed, that is eternity.
    The oaths and determination of the past, forever binds us and the King.
    My heart does not allow my sword to change back to what it was before.
    ...But, I want to see you.
    Even if I fall into an eternal slumber,
    I still want him to hear this voice.

    "This is difficult, as your dimensions aren't aligned with each other."
    The magus said so.
    The realization of that dream, was very unlikely.

    "Normally if it was said beforehand then it would not happen. If you want it to happen, how do I put this, two miracles must occur.
    One must wait continuously, one must pursue endlessly.
    They must realize that it was impossible to succeed yet at the same time be capable of enduring patiently. Is that... the story of a dream that shouldn't be waited upon?"
    The magus asked.
    That sort of thing was impossible. It was unrelated to the duty of the King, it was as simple as whether it was possible to come true and whether it was wanted to come true.

    "Ah, don't be mistaken. I didn't say to forsake the King's duty. Royal blood courses through your veins, if this pride was deprived; then there would be nothing left.
    It's best to keep yourself as you are.
    I am really complimenting you, as a girl you have the right for your happiness to survive. So, I want you to understand, doing something like this is alright."
    The magus said.
    Just like when the hand is gripping the sword.
    That moment is when you're mocking the approaching perils.
    But right now it's smiling because of the hope-filled future.

    A meaningless response.
    That is merely the hope of the girl before she took up the sword.
    No matter what, if she doesn't have the power to make it come true
    How is that any different than wishing to the stars?

    [But, if that really is a good thing then it's a whole other topic.
    Arturia. The era is changing alongside the people, the only one who's still like that time is you.
    A dream is only beautiful because it's dream-like. But you, would probably be happier slumbering as if dead...
    Even so]

    No response.
    Even if it's unsaid, only that wish will not disappear.
    ...In other words, that is probably best.
    Not finding anyone, not being pursued by anyone.
    Up until the day when the posture of the King disappeared from the imagination of people.
    Thinking of that warm expectation as a dream; her future eternity, can only be constantly endured in this slumber.

    At the end.
    His way of life was not changed.
    As for her return, it did not happen.

    And then.
    To him and her, a long time had passed.

    Suddenly, eyes opened.
    How far have I actually come?
    I've clearly chosen the barren earth, yet I've penetrated the dense forest to stand in this grassland that makes me nostalgic.

    I cannot be certain of that place.
    How long has passed since then,
    how far has been travelled?
    It's still very blurry.

    Putting down the luggage carried on the shoulders, letting the tense body rest.
    I thought this long journey would continue forever.
    It looks like, the journey will end here.

    The field of vision is clear and broad.
    Escaping from those heavy shackles, gentle wind blows across the grass.
    My mood gradually and steadily returned to back then.

    Staring at the endless sky, thinking about the unstated agreement.
    That is the fantasy of adolescence, a fierce wish.
    Looking at the same sky, feeling the same things.
    If I kept pursuing that dream, it would definitely be realized.
    Unconsciously, thinking about these things in the streets of his hometown.

    her dream also began to awaken.

    Raising her head to look at the sky, harbouring a wish.
    Noticing the change in the wind direction, barely forcing back the tears that are about to fall.
    She's praying, awaiting that familiar shadow.
    ...But...even if...they meet again.
    Up until now it's merely a hope, grateful for this hope so small that it's not even worth mentioning...

    His breathing calmed down.
    Unbelievable. His breathing was disrupted, why, because it wasn't seen for many years.
    Really, it's almost as if he's returned to way back then.
    No, but, he clearly already has experience and isn't a novice anymore, a man laughed as he said this.

    Thinking about it, anyone would wish to the sky.
    I want to see you.
    I want to see you.
    If it was realized, embrace the method of existence, anxiously look for confirmation.

    Unconsciously his heart rate sped up.
    Even so he was unable to move from there.
    Because, the man who was continuously walking didn't want to lay waste to his mission (target).
    Even though he really wanted to instantly run away, right now was same as back then, waiting on his words.

    But, there was still some unrest.
    This wish, this miracle, would it really happening be a good thing?
    He is no longer the him he was before. Body and soul, both were tortured by her melancholy.
    There is no reason to miss this scenery so much.
    Not stubborn, but only unforgettable.
    The light days passed gradually (memory), always continuously embracing.

    So, that's all.
    If the dream continued to the end, he would despair just as expected, and retain only that hope.

    Enough, this deceit should be at an end.
    If that guy can't remember without it being said, wake up brightly.
    The important mission, reinitiate.

    A nostalgic blood runs through the heart of tin.
    Golden earth.
    Her long forgotten hometown, has at last been expelled from the heart.

    There are a thousand words inside the heart, but, there was only one sentence caught at the throat.
    How much he wanted to see her, how long he made her wait, at this moment it's no longer important.

    At the end, his way of life was not changed.
    Similarily, the matter of repaying her was unsettled.

    There exists things that can meet if they were protected all along.
    Leaving behind something precious before living on.

    Taking out something the most precious.
    What's put deep inside the heart is happiness.
    That smile, seems to have been this all along, a youthful simplicity.

    [I'm back, Saber.]

    ...The words coming out of his mouth, really was like that time.
    As if, what's beginning here is only the continuation of that day.

    With light footsteps.
    The girl with a slightly quivering body was smiling.

    [Welcome back, Shirou.]

    The dream, finally announced its end here.

    ...Pursuing stars, searching for stars.
    Walking onwards, and continuing to see somebody off.
    Lost many things, birthed many things.
    That ending that always exists, is incomparable to the huge amount of time wasted: a tiny, tiny fragment.
    Why, it's so dazzling.
    Looking at, carefully kept in the small palm, a light so bright it almost burns the eyes.

    Like that.
    At the end of the long journey, they met.
    The journey of the man who was looking at the stars, ended here.
    Starting here, there will be another, long, his and her story to continue on.
    That ending.
    He will also become someone's star, reincarnating in this world.

    Even if the author is silenced, the play is stopped, the story will not end.
    Whether it's a comedy, a tragedy, if there is cheering, the story will not end.
    Just like the many lives.
    The us without repayment, for the us still in the journey, send warm blessings.
    Walking along our path, let it continue forever.

  2. Yes, that is the translation that Waku was referring to as missing a sizable portion.

    And at least have the decency to give credit when you're ripping the entire translation off where I posted it, thanks.

    @ Waku:

    Sorry, I wasn't aware that it was actually a partial translation (In retrospect, the "PARTIAL TRANSLATION" at the top of the Chinese page where I translated from might have been a big help).

    I will try to find a full Chinese translation and get back to you after I finish, although chances are you'd be much better off if you could find a J>E translator willing to help.

    Will comment here again if I do find a full Chinese translation.

    - WingZero

  3. Found it.

    Actually starts quite another sizable portion earlier than the Jap script you posted.

    I'll get started later today, and I will contact you when I am done.

    Although if someone else (J->E) picks it up, I'll drop it in deference to translation accuracy.

  4. Ok didnt know that.

    I hope i could help somehow at all :D

  5. It's done, Waku.

    Check here:

    It includes the entire first portion I was missing (which is more than what was in the .txt in the blog post) as well as a fully redone second half.

    Use whatever is needed, good luck with the patch =)

  6. Thanks again. Though, I hope nobody is disappointed if I say I'm not going to do the recap part (which is the first half). Its simply too effect heavy for me to try to do from scratch.

  7. hi, Waku Waku, firstly, thanks for your hardwork.

    Secondly, it would have been really nice to see the entire Reala Nua Last Episode on PC (p.s. would it have sound/voice?).

    I realise it's a lot of work, but hey, it doesn't hurt to dream, right? :D

  8. I can understand that. Cant imagine how much work its just to do that. Looking forward for your new patch ;)

  9. I just watched Last Episode on YouTube. You're going to have one hell of time with those cloud effects.

  10. "I hope nobody is disappointed if I say I'm not going to do the recap part"

    If you mean you'd need more time to do that, personally, I wouldn't mind waiting (and I'm sure others wouldn't mind either). I'd rather get the full scene, even more so, because, if you read the text, even if the first part is a recap, there's still important parts.

    Anyway, if you simply cannot do it, or if it is just too bothersome to do, then I guess it cannot be helped.

    Thanks either way.

  11. Yes, firstly, thanks a lot for doing this.

    I've really enjoyed your previous patches, so keep up the good work.

    Like Dante said, I'm sure nobody would mind even if you take a long time but can get the first half done too. If it's not possible, the second part alone would still be much appreciated nonetheless.

  12. hi, just wondering if there has been any update?:)

  13. Not really, sorry. It'll probably be a while.

  14. Please, could you please tell me when you think you are going to finish it?

  15. It definitely seems there are many people with high expectations =]. Good Luck, we are all waiting diligently with eagerness at the same.

  16. You know, rather than being an ending for any of the routes, I think it's Archer that arrives there, not Shirou. I mean, existence has to end sometimes, no? That means that Counter Guardians are no longer necessary and are free from their duty.