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Friday, September 18, 2009

Help Wanted: Translator

wingzero doesn't think he'll be able to do much any time soon, so we're looking for new Chinese translator(s) who would be willing to work on the Realta Nua H-scene replacements. We have the text put together, so it just needs a translation. If you don't have time to do all of them, even one of the scenes is helpful.

Oh, Japanese translators would also be helpful, but we don't have the text in Japanese so it would require transcribing.

If you'd like to help, please post here or on the thread over at Beast's Lair.

This probably won't be in 4.0 regardless, for anyone wondering. However that should be done soon. Only a couple things left to do.


  1. Not to sound perverted or anything, but I hope that H-scene replacements will be in a separate patch file that we can add onto normal scene replacements, and won't be an integral part. (or that you'll have 2 versions, one with and one without the scenes)

  2. Good to hear that. I just finished the game yesterday and saw the new scenes. The looked incredible.
    I didn't see the original scenes, but after watching what's missing in the gallery I can kind of guess. As if the panning and animations aren't proof enough.

    Speaking of the Gallery, too bad that those extra scenes are not there. Hope that you find some way to add them there in the future. Keep up the great work.

  3. Since I'm to lazy to make a forum account over there, I'll report a small bug here.
    There's one CG that doesn't get unlocked after using your patch.
    Another > 2nd page > 12 (last) image > Middle image.

    Using voiced 3.2.

  4. hi, Waku Waku. I am proficient in traditional Chinese and English. If you can explain what is required of the translation and give me some content to translate, I may be able to help out.

    You can PM me on my forum ( ) and I will give you my contact details as I don't like publishing my personal email address here.


  5. Can you tell me your username on that forum?

  6. Or, I guess it might not matter. I tried to register there and after clicking submit I find I'm somehow banned already.

  7. oops, sorry. There are just so many spams that I have accidentally banned so many IPs :(

    my username on the forum is " allanh "

    do you have an IP? I will add it to the "safe list"


    Though maybe it would be easier if you joined Beast's Lair. That's where things about the patch are usually discussed.

  9. hi, I joined Beastlair and sent you a PM

  10. I'm proficient in Korean, and I know there is a korean translation for the scenes. Let me know if you want my help. (Through this thread)

  11. I'm Chinese and have read the vn in both languages, so, I guess I can help with the translation, if you're still accepting.

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  13. Hum, it's just a suggestion but I think that the final battle of Fate or the saber vs assassin battle in UBW would be more essential to add.

    Anyway thanks for your work :].

  14. Those two scenes should be in 4.0. Come to think of it... I don't think anyone ever mentioned that here. Anyway, just know that, yes, other people [i.e. Waku Waku] think those scenes are essential as well, therefore they are planned for 4.0.

  15. GREAT : D

    It's quite perfect, honestly.

  16. Japanese->Chinese->English?
    I know you said you don't have the Japanese script and this is an old post >_< But wouldn't it be better to get it to ensure a much more correct translation? As translating from two very different languages TWICE seems like it'll really hurt things...
    Although I guess you'd have to be insane to go through all the trouble of translating it twice.
    How does this differ to MirrorMoons one though?

  17. At the time all we had was the Chinese script. It doesn't matter how much better it would be if we had no way of doing it.

    The scenes this post was about don't exist in mirror moon's patch, so that's how it differs.

  18. Ah right. So this patches scenes from Réalta Nua that don't exist in the PC game to it?
    I just discovered this place and haven't seen any project summary or explanation or anything so just been randomly reading blog posts.