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Friday, December 11, 2009

Realta Nua Patch version 4.0

Part 1 (rapidshare)
Part 2 (rapidshare)
Unsplit (MegaUpload)

4.2 has been released. If you really want 4.0, the password for the Megaupload download is 123. 


Lot's of changes. Almost all of the brand new CGs are in. I's only missing the ero replacements, one CG in Fate, and the Prologue CGs. Obviously that means the Prologue isn't included. I tried to get it in, but there were effects I'm not sure at all how to do, so I released without it for now.

New title pages. The first one replaces the all clear title from the regular PC version, the 2nd is triggered when you finish Last Episode.

CGs and BGM are now added to their galleries. Here's a image of the new CGs, minus alternate version like happy/sad faces and all of the different Shirou and Kotomine attacks.

I forgot to add saves before uploading it, so here they are. You'll probably have to rename them before using them. There aren't saves for everywehre with new CGs, just a few of the more important scenes. Includes Nine Bullet Revolver, All Evils of the World, Beauties of Nature, Fate - stay night (II), Poisonous snake, jack of all trades, and Spark Liner High. Different save for Nine Bullet Revolver, since the scene was redone from start to end rather than the middle.

For the time being, 4 is voice-only. There's some kind of problem in one of the files that makes the game crash without the files in the voice patch, but I have no idea what it is. I'll release a voiceless version when I do.

Sorry for the split archive, went over 200mb. If anyone knows a good host that does 200mb+, please speak up. Mirror will hopefully be up eventually. MegaUpload keeps saying the files are unavailable since last night, and Mediafire keeps failing part1.

There's a bug in the Assassin scenes where skipping will crash the game. I can but won't fix it (it's a byproduct of an effect), but it shouldn't be much of a problem since it's just a couple places. Please post any bugs you find.

Someone wanted me to write up exactly what this patch does, that will come later when I have more time. I only have, like, 20 minutes right now.

Huge thanks to Hyarion for extracting the scripts from the game disk.


  1. Wow, have you been busy. Good work, man.

  2. Awesomeness.Thanks for your hard work man.

  3. Ah hey I dunno if its just me but on the first day when both Sakura and Shirou say "Itadakimasu" The game gets some "edoublecolumn" error and the text doesnt show anymore. The menu and stuff works but its just frozen at that point. I tried removing the patch to see if it was maybe my FSN but I removed the patch and it worked afterwards so yeah.

  4. Yo, I'm getting an error similar to that one at the end of the very end of the recap part of Last Episode. I can't finish Last Episode like that after that point, and all I can do to keep going is use the menu to return to the title screen.

    Anyway, aside from the random bugs that were already to be expected like that, great work. You are a credit to us all.

  5. Hey I've been getting an error when I launch fate.exe after renaming the .xp3 file (patch1-3.xp3 are the original files, 4-6 are the voice files, so I named it patch7.xp3). I would get an error message, but there's nothing in the error message (it's just blank), and the only thing I can do from there is quit.

  6. ...I could not play the game at all with this patch on >_<'
    When i start the game I got an small window named ''information'' ,and when I close it,the game just stays as a blank screen doing nothing.I already tried to download from both Rapidshare and MU,tried removing patch 3.2 and renaming it to patch7.xp3,and tried with patch 3.2 on renaming it to patch8.xp3,pathces in order,4.0 being the last one,and my game is voiced.Well,since it worked with other ppl..Guess I'll just have to wait till another version is released... :<

  7. Actually the same error as Gregory.Sorry about the flood >_>'

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  9. Hi, I have the same problem in the First day and on Last Episode. Also, I switched back to a clean savedata to see what happens. After the Prologue, the title screen was the one for UBW, I dunno if thats normal. Also, Last Episode can be accessed already, wich I'm sure is a bug cause you need to finish all endings first-hand.

    Random little bugs aside, all the redone scenes works fine and no problems were encountered during all of them. Wonderful work.

    Thanks for taking your time making this patch. Patiently looking forward for more of your releases.

  10. The CG set of Saber wiping Ilya's cheek does not show up in the gallery even after viewing it in its scene. I haven't tried every scene yet, but every other scene I've tried with new CGs so far has successfully unlocked the corresponding CGs in the gallery.

  11. I found the problem with Last Episode, but I need to know exactly where the one with Sakura is. I'm guessing it's after the "I'm worried about Sakura" choice, since that's the only scene changed that early.

  12. You could try to upload it to It seems there max file size is 300 mb.

  13. Is Last Episode supposed to be unlocked as soon as the patch is applied? My only save is still only on the VERY first day after the Prologue finishes, and the title screen looks completely different now ( from what it was before (a blue one like this

    I would've thought that you would only get to do Last Episode after getting all three endings, like Tsukihime's Eclipse after all nine endings.