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Friday, February 12, 2010

H-Alternate Patch Status

Hey, Hyarion here. Odds are you don't know me - essentially, I'm the guy who's coordinating the h-alt side of the patch (which includes both the completely rewritten scenes as well as the miscellaneous changes throughout, by the way.) Since I see the question of when it'll be released pop up quite a bit, I figured I'd archive the current status of the project here for the people who'd really rather not wade through twenty pages of a forum thread. Here's how the process is working so far:

I've pulled the original scripts off of the PS2 disk, so that's what we're working off of. They're stored in pretty much the same format as the PC scripts - there's some commands and such that don't exist in the PC version, though, so that's where Waku Waku has to step in and work his magic. As for the text itself, I'm going over the original Japanese and RN scripts and cataloging the differences, then sending them off to the translator - more on that in a sec - and inserting them back into the English scripts. The h-alt scenes themselves will just get stripped of any script commands, translated, then sent to WW to be inserted into his modified RN scripts. I'll probably throw some editing in there as well, since I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. At the moment, I've completed the list of Fate differences. UBW should be a breeze - HF is the one that could take awhile.

So, about the translator - mirror moon's translator, TakaJun, has signed on to the project. Thing is, he now runs Yandere Translations (along with Arch), so we had to agree to be put on hold for awhile. This is the main thing holding the patch up - I don't expect him to be able to start translating the scripts until he's done with his current project, SWAN SONG. He did take care of my list of Fate differences, though, since it was only a few minutes worth of work. I might throw together a patch sometime to make sure I didn't miss anything, perhaps with UBW if Taka doesn't mind translating that list. Keep an eye on the Beast's Lair thread if you're interested in testing.

Let's see, what else - ah, right, we're currently talking to mirror moon about getting the patch added to their installer. While I haven't gotten an official confirmation of any sort (I've only talked to Message so far, unless you count Taka), things are looking pretty positive. The main hurdle was finding a CG extractor that would work with an installer - turns out none exist, and no one with enough knowledge of a PS2 disk's file structure really wants to extract images from some game they've never heard of. I ended up sitting down with the PS2 disk and a hex editor and deciding to do it myself - a month, who knows how many Google searches, and too many overcaffeinated all-nighters later, I had a working extractor. Actually, since I can pull just about anything off of there now, it may actually be possible to do a full install using just the PS2 disk - the CGs, character sprites, music, sound effects, menu graphics, etc. are all accounted for. Don't know if it's something I'll follow up on, but hey, it can't hurt to mention it.

Speaking of installers, I threw together an installer of my own a little while back. Odds are it'll get added to the next major release to make installing - and especially uninstalling, what with the whole galleryfix.xp3 deal - a bit easier. I know someone was concerned recently about registry edits affecting portability - for what it's worth, the only registry entries I've got it set to add only affect the uninstaller, nothing else.

That's about all I've got. To summarize - we're waiting for TakaJun to finish his current translation project before he can work on ours, and we don't have any sort of estimate on when that'll be. At any rate, thanks for your patience for sticking with this project for this long!


  1. Nice to see this information finally posted somewhere outside of the forum topic.

    All I have to say is take your time, and don't let random people nagging you over when it will be done get you in a needless rush. Chances are none of them will be dead yet whenever you eventually finish, and I'm sure they will be quieted and made plenty happy by the finished product if you take your time on it and make it awesome.

  2. that's cool and all, but doesn't TakaJun have Majikoi to work on after SWAN SONG? And as far as I know, he's also still working on Farland Symphony with Mirrormoon ^^"

  3. RN patch possibly going official? Sweet - especially since I even posed this question on mirrormoon's forums a month or so ago.

    As for the CG extractor, it's safe to assume it's saving as a lossless format (AKA png), right?

    Also when a CG is extracted, for the resizing from 640x480 to 800x600, is it safe to assume this will be done using the Lanczos algorithm?

  4. Wow!! I must say i hardly understood everything but it sounded AWESOME DUDE (just been watching Finding Nemu :P) Hopes everything goes as smooth as said

  5. oh, and I just realized something - the music. Basically, I'm worried that in this possibly "official" RN patch that a lossy --to-> lossy encode might occur. Is this avoidable in any way? I would think that the music would be in the same format that it is on the PC, that is OGG vorbis. Wouldn't you be able to rip this and use it directly without re-encoding?

    Speaking of re-encoding, couldn't the same thing be done for the current voice patch? Because that thing takes HOURS to encode on-the-fly!

  6. NM64: the graphics are stored as .tm2, sound effects and voices as .adx, and music as .ahx - so direct ripping isn't possible.

    The extractor is designed to be modular and plug straight into converters - for example, I'm currently using XnView to render correctly sized .pngs out of the .tm2s. It's been awhile, so I don't remember the details, though.

    My point is, it's adjustable to produce whatever we need. And rest assured - I want to use lossless formats as much as you do.

  7. Oh, and the voice patch - I'm not sure why it takes as long as it does... maybe it's the pack-unpack-repack cycle they have to build .xp3 files.

    I mean, the voice extraction is pretty simple, so it can't be much different from my program, and I only remember the whole extraction-conversion process taking five to ten minutes or so... for the voices, at least. Images take a lot longer since they need to be reconstructed - they aren't actually stored as straight .tm2s.

  8. XnView? So I'm not the only one that uses that program! :P (everyone always seems in love with IrfanView, but I hate its UI and doubt the dev's claims of XnView stealing things)

    So is it just a plugin? I wouldn't assume that sometime in the future that this would be release, would it?

    Also congratulations on correctly assuming my preferred username abbriviation (NM64). It annoys me when people will call me just "Nintendo" (just "Maniac" isn't that bad though).

  9. "And rest assured - I want to use lossless formats as much as you do."

    Why does this wording make it sound like you want to use lossless, but are not allowed to? You're scaring me. D:

  10. Crap, you figured it out. I was holding his mother's friend's aunt hostage to keep him from using lossless just to annoy you. Now my extensive planning is all ruined!

  11. is the alternate patch still being made?

  12. is the alternate patch still being made?

    1. Probably but the situation is complicated I guess.