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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fate Patch 5b

Word wrapping in the previous patch was bugged, so here's a new patch with it and everything else mentioned in the last post's comments fixed.


  1. The only minor things I noticed are on the history log that the fullstops/exclamations marks and some words, move down a line maybe cause of the bold font, like this:

    And this time the word going outside the box:
    (Oldest King)

    1. I'll look into it, but font on your screenshots looks different from what it looks on my screen. And history is just totally different. I don't remember making any font adjustments. So...
      Here is how it should look: (not the same scene but you can see anyway)
      Next time please post savefile if you can. I have no idea where that scene is in VN.

    2. Oldest King still..

      And I'm using Microsoft AppLocale to launch the VNs I think it uses a different font from when you just change windows region/language settings on your own to japanese, maybe thats got something to do with it..

    3. I understand that this is "Oldest King". But this phrase tells nothing to me. Last time I was reading this VN years and years ago.
      Please stop using applocale. It is not supported. I'm not sure if in current state VN runs on different locales as noone implemented support for them for this patch. If not, you have to use real Japanese one. Implementing one requires some more modificvation and hacking .exe
      However this doesn't changes the fact that issue may be there for me too.

    4. Oh I didn't know that, Thanks.
      I forgot to mention the lines were mostly random from Oldest King since its happening to me all during most of the history log I was just looking for a good example when I picked them.

    5. Can't reproduce.

    6. My bad then.. sorry for the trouble..

    7. You were right I stopped using AppLocale and the lines were "fixed" I was getting more of them going outside the box's lines through day 15..
      (funny I never found any of them before day 14 though..)

      The only one I found is this one:
      [15th Day: Fate - stay Night(II)]

    8. ( ´∀`) I guess this is just one line needs to be split in 2 or more.
      Line 657

    9. I still have the lines that go out of the borders if you use applocale, if you ever need them I can post them..

    10. Personally I don't need. I do not approve applocale and won't be trying to get it right. Instead it just need to be made to work on any locale out of the box. Can't say if hacking .exe is needed for that too or only for changing the font. I don't have much time to look at it right now.
      Instead you better show it looks when you do NOT use applocale and do NOT use Japanese locale.
      Also try applocale alternatives. I do not approve them either but they may show different results for you.

  2. セイバールート九日目-12.ks
    line 267 broken tag