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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fate Patch 7b

Slight update to last patch with updated word wrapping. If you're using the patch_english4 MeruP uploaded in the last post's comments you can delete it.

In the readme before I recommended changing fonts, but that was misguided of me. If you changed your font please change it back to MS ゴシック.


  1. Damn! Now we have 7b after all.
    BTW I posted patch4 2 times, but 1st time it didn't appeared. Well it happens with my posts from time to time, dunno why.
    But the difference is, first patch_english4 and the files I mailed to you had old wordwrap with very hacky fixes. Foe example that AAHHHH probably was only fixed with MS ゴシック
    Latest patch_english4 one have new wordwrap with non-hacky fixes. I hope you used last one.

    1. I have to finish some other stuff now, but later I'll try to post some solution that uses Arial for message layer. Even if I won't be able to find solution for history... Who cares about font in history anyway.

  2. These guys at type-moon are insane! (*≧m≦*) I figured out something about fonts. I hope it'll turn out okay... Maybe we don't even need hacked .exe

  3. Hey this is going great! Is there any chance to have the uncensor working with the Realta Nua Version? I tried it but as soon as it got to the pictures it crash the program

    1. I'll see maybe I can make uncensor. Thought about it myself.

    2. Here. I haven't tested myself.
      You need censored H-patch installed too for this to work.

  4. So this is the final patch for "Fate"? If so, does the patch work with the even though it uses securom?

    1. No, It can easily hit v10. There is still some stuff to do :D
      I did pretty extensive changes recently. Some notes below.
      But it is quite possible that I broke some stuff so maybe it is not ready for release. Waku Waku seems to be busy, maybe he'll post it when he'll have some time, maybe not. If not I'll do some QC myself and post it in a few days...
      Changed font for Message and History layer. From now on I don't use windows fonts for them at all (all other places still use windows fonts).
      Linespacing in message/history now a bit smaller. It was too big for new font.
      Font in credits could be broken. Didn't checked how they look like.
      Corrected 3 scripts that had wrong encoding.
      In some places where font is bigger or smaller (like when someone screams) it is not changed.
      Font on choice buttons is not changed. I'll have to figure out what to do with it separately or just leave it like that.
      At some point after day 1 font may change to something unexpected. I need to QC it myself...
      Menu that allows to change fonts is now disabled.
      There may be still some problems with lines but fixing them comes with quite a big price.
      From now on should run on non-jp locale.
      Some stuff a little bit better compressed - saves few MBs of space.
      Savedata made prior to this patch is not supported.
      H-patch v1b. Previous H-patch is not supported.

    2. About securom... if should work. Somehow I managed to avoid messing with .exe and patch worke the same way their official patches work. In other words it don't modify any original files. So I don't see why securom can be unhappy.

    3. Hi,

      Okay because from what Waku Waku said, patch 7 was supposed to be the last Fate patch for awhile (at least until he is done with Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven's Feel).

      I recently bought the original PC version, but from what Waku Waku says even with all the enhancements (Realta Nua Playstation 2 conversion and v4.2 patch), the 2011 Realta Nua version is still superior visually, so I have been holding off.

    4. Well, at that time there was things that none of us know how to solve. But now that I figured out something, there is still some room for improvements. I also know about minimum 2 bugs. Not critical but pretty ugly.
      I can make a patch for your testing pleasure. I tested it only up to 1st day or so :D
      Speaking of Heaven's Feel. I'm thinking maybe I'll pick it up myself.

    5. Nier
      Here. [] Feel free to play with it. I don't need problem reports for this one cause I'm too sick of it to fix anything anyway, unless it's something really bad and prevents you from advancing through the story or makes your PC explode.
      Note that if by some chance you're using my PSV OP patch, it is not compatible with this "prerelease" version and will break stuff. But this fix will help []

    6. How do you make the game run on non-jp locale?

    7. Latest patch should just work simply by applying it. There is no additional steps for user to make it work. I tested only on En-US locale though.

  5. hey i know that you are busy but i came across some bugs and i like to tell you.

    1. The textboxs looks strange with a white box
    2. When you try to run a miniature theatre it crashes

    i hope this was helpful to you, and excusme if my english is bad but i am from mexico and my english is pretty bad

  6. So, for those of you who like pre-release stuff here is an update:
    - (final?) adjustments to wordwrap
    - Shirou's voice now enabled by default.
    - Fixed buttons in menu. Also cleaned up various stuff.
    - When the sound ends there was a kind of "pshsh" noise. Very noticeable when you smash control to skip scenes or after loading savedata or whatever. This is not the bug in this patch but rather in original VN. Still fixed.

    Old savedata is not compatible. Even the one that made with r4 update. It will work but of course but it may cause various problems. This opatch should be pretty complete though. There is still some stuff I want to do but... that will be a bit later.

    Yeah, I also added patch that removes mosaic. For those of you who may want it. I should note that it was possible thanks to Himeros and Belldandy100.

    1. I do not know if it is only me, but I can't access the Voices menu when I apply your patch (the menu in which I can choose whose voice to activate or not). The patch posted by WakuWaku does allow the use of this menu, though.

    2. Yes, I broke it. But with the latest patch you just commented on it should be fixed. Check version of the patch you using by going to the extra menu. It should be 7b+r5

    3. You are absolutely right, I had r4.
      My apologies, and thanks for your work.

  7. Hello,

    Thank you very much for your work, WakuWaku and MeruP.

    In case you have not noticed it already, there are quite a few ";//del//" that appear during the scene when Toshaka explains briefly the Holy Grail War to Shirou. (3rd day,the scene is just after Toshaka forced Archer to retreat under Saber attack, after Saber's summmoning and fight with Lancer)

    1. If you could please see if this problem still happens with the new version. And if it does please post screenshots.