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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Realta Nua Patch version 3.0

  • Nine Bullet Revolver *redone*
  • All evils of the world (partially redone)
  • All the good in this life (small changes)
  • Last Episode *new*
Note: In order to access Last Episode, all five endings must be cleared.

This patch contains materials which may violate copyright law in your country. If you use this patch but do not own a legal copy of Réalta Nua, please support TYPE-MOON by purchasing one.

The translation used for Last Episode was translated from a Chinese translation. wingzero and I cannot vouch for the quality or accuracy of the Chinese version, and, thus, accuracy of his translated version. Parts of his original translation in the Fate recap have been altered by me, mostly to match the mirror moon translation for consistency.

wingzero is not liable (legally or otherwise) for any consequence as a result of using the patch.

Sorry if the pendulum causes you to seizure.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for this amazing update!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry about the previous comment, I made a mistake there.

    What I want to ask is: Do you need to do anything else after extracting/pasting/renaming the patch to the directory of the game?

    And do you need the savefiles in order to play that scene?

  4. Kenneth: No, that's it. The save files are just to make it easier for people who didn't already have a save at those scenes.

  5. Thats Brilliant ! Awesome work :D

  6. Just a question, but it seems to me that the Last Episode in your patch is different from the one in RN. Or at least from the youtube videos of it that I saw.

  7. Are you talking about the recap at the beginning? I think all of the videos currently on YouTube cut it off and just show the 2nd half of Last Episode.

  8. I'm trying to obtain the last episode for the pc using this patch, it won't work, I extracted the files to the "Fate" folder which should be the directory of the game, but i see no changes and cannot access the Last Episode. Could someone help me?

  9. First of all, you shouldn't be using 3.0. Please follow the link at the top for 4.2.

    After that, there's a readme that explains how you have to rename the patches.