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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Realta Nua Patch version 3.1

It seems a couple glitches popped up after I released 3.0. If you get a fuzzy CG flying across the screen at the end of Last Episode, or use a voiceless game and intend on reading through Nine Bullet Revolver ever again, download this new version.

I also replaced the kinda ugly pendulum with something more simple, but less headache inducing.

Thanks to the kind users who kept downloading my fix attempts until I got it right.


  1. I've found a bug when Shirou is about to use Nine Lives. I think one effect doesn't displays propertly and then one part of the screen turns white until you return to the menu.

    The bug starts 2 lines before Shirou says "Trigger, off".

    No problems on the Last Episode, great work. ^^

  2. Does it happen every time?
    Are you using voiced or voiceless?

  3. Yeah, it happens all the time. I'm using the voiced version.

  4. Can you describe for me EXACTLY when it happens, and exactly what happens please? At least 1 other person is getting this problem, but I can't tell what's causing it.


    Recorded a video of it, I think it describes the bug a lot better than me. The white screens continues until you return to the main menu, even if the scene finishes.

  6. Well, I guess it's time to guess at what could be causing it, and hope something works. NBR seems to gather a lot of odd problems.

    Fix attempt #1:

    Please put this in as the last patch and see if it does anything.

  7. I applied the fix and now the scene doesn't work at all:

  8. It DEFINITELY shouldn't have done that. All I did was change what layer the image was on. This glitch is really odd...

    Fix attempt #2:

    Since it looks like the problem happens at the fade into white, this time I tried replacing the @flushover command with just a blank white image fading in.

  9. It worked, kinda.
    Now sometimes the scene works fine, almost every time the same bug appears though.

    Out of 10 attempts, 8 had the bug.

  10. Does it still appear at the same time?

  11. Fix attempt #3:

    Kept the changes from the last try, this time changing how the screen wipes black the page before.

    Thanks for putting up with all these fix attempts, btw.

  12. Nope, still there. It's the effect after "------One second." that has causes the problem, if you press Ctrl to skip it the scenes goes without a problem.

    No need to thank me. Thank you for working so hard to fix it. ^^

    Communicating through comments is a bit slow though. XD

  13. That patch changed the effect before that line, so that can't be it.

    Let's try this...

    Fix attempt #4:

  14. Now it doesn't change the background before the "------One second." line:

    The bug doesn't appear but the game crashes on the "Nine in my head" line like this:

  15. If the bug didn't show up, that means it was probably being caused (for whatever reason) by the background fading in. The crash is unrelated, and luckily fixable.

    Fix attempt #5:

  16. Yay, it's fixed. ^^ Thanks for everything Waku Waku.

    Btw, is this the final version of the patch? Or you're going to keep updating it with more stuff like the Shirou vs Gilgamesh CG on UBW?

  17. 3.x definitely isn't the final version.

  18. Great job. I really appreciate what you have done.

    Btw, could you post rapidshare mirror for this release also...

  19. Normally I would, but I'm likely going to be putting out a 3.2 with this NBR fix, and some other misc. fixes sometime in the next couple of days.