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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

UBW Patch 1, Fate Patch 8, Fate H Patch 1b

New... Everything.

Lots of changes (if you haven't been following the preview builds MeruP posted). First of all, and I'm sorry for this, but these patches are not compatible with old save data. If you're coming from an old version you need to make sure to delete everything in your save data folder. I've uploaded a complete save for the Fate Route for those you who need it which you can grab here. The patches are no longer limited to Japanese locale. It's only been tested on US-EN but it should work for everyone. New font, but the font menu has been disabled. And other changes and fixes. Most of these are thanks to MeruP who has been a HUGE help for this project.

As always any QC help is appreciated.


  1. Hello WakuWaku,

    Coming back on my comment on the 7b patch (about the //del// that appear), here are the screenshots you asked for, taken from the Patch 8:

    Also, I noticed that in your last patch the music doesn't play during the 2nd H-scene.

    Finally, I do not manage to launch the game without going through Applocale - or japanese locale. Weirdly enough, I do manage to launch MeruP's HF without it.
    Your patches do not add any specific ".exe" right? Just checking I'm not missing any file...

    1. 7b have no support for non-jp locale, later versions should work. Previews that I posted before (not available for download anymore) worked on English locale and in theory should be the same for any other locale too.
      No, there is no any ".exe" for this patch.

    2. Hello MeruP,

      Thanks for the answer.

      I am currently using 8, not 7b.
      I guess the problem comes from my installation then.

    3. Well I dunno if patch8 really works. I never actually tried.
      BTW as readme says, my patch is not officially compatible with any other patches (maybe works but never tested). So not sure if it can have any bad effects.

    4. I checked the scenes you posted screenshots of, and all of those line were properly removed. I'm pretty sure you've got a patch from 6 or below in there somewhere which is probably also causing the locale problems.

      Could you please list what xp3 files you have in your save data folder?

    5. btw about locale issue, if patch_english4.xp3 is present in savedata folder it may cause such issue BUT it doesn't have scenes mentioned on screenshots and all DELs already "removed". Still if you see this file you need to remove it.

      Second possible locale issue if you use my PSVITA OP patch. Officially it does not supports Fate Patch and never did. If applied at the same time as Fate Patch 8, it will definitely cause some issues. But again it have nothing to do with DEL stuff.

    6. So, I tried to remove the psv OP patch, and it did solve the problem of the locale stuff. So this problem did have something to do with my install.

      However, the //del//s still appear and the bgm of the 2nd H is still doesn't play.
      My .xp3 files in the save folder are patch english 1, 2, 3 & H.
      It does show in the extra menu of the game that I have the patch 8 and the H patch 1b.
      My .xp3 files in the main folder are:
      bgimage, bgm, data, etc, fgimage, image, patch133, rule, sound, video, voice.

    7. Try removing patch 1 and see if the scenes with the dels are still in English.

    8. Spot on.

      Ignoring the comment I made below... after deleting the first english patch, I retried and saw that none of the scenes of the novel until the end of day 3 are translated (and probably even after that).

      The only scene that is still translated in english is that precise scene in which the //del//s appear.

    9. Ok seems this was my fault after all. I forgot the H patch had a slightly different version of that scene and it seems I forgot to hide the deleted lines in it. New version will be up tomorrow.

  2. Ok, I'll do it when I get back to my computer, that is to say in about three hours.

    In case it might give you a clue about the nature of the problem, there is also a CG I do not manage to unlock: the one located just after the first Sakura CG (that appear when Shirou awakes just after starting the game).
    Though it probably is just me missing a scene.

    1. I see... Even if you'll run Vita OP patch under Japanese locale it still can cause some issues when used with Fate patch. When it was made, no one even thought about non-jp locale stuff etc.
      I added mention to the description that it only supports Japanese version of Fate under Japanese locale.

    2. That CG is actually unlocked in HF.

    3. So, after deleting the patch 1, almost none of the scenes of are translated except this precise scene where the //del//s appear.

    4. By the way MeruP, I'm not sure if I expressed it very well, but when I deleted your psv OP patch, it only solved the problem of having to run the program with japanese locale. Nothing more.

      The way you're expressing things here and on your blog makes me think you have understood it created other problems. I have not constated this. As far as I know, if I use your psv OP patch, it just forces me to go through applocale to start the game.

    5. "it only solved the problem of having to run the program with japanese locale. Nothing more."
      Yes I understand this. I don't expect it to solve anything else in your case.

      "you have understood it created other problems"
      Potentially it can break something. The way it is made goes against some stuff that I made for Fate patch.